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Ramon Osa
Apr 05, 2022
In Ask Boltfam
Here’s the deal, and you can use this in #Ask Bolt Fam if you think it’s appropriate… or not! (And if you do, PLEASE Wool Dog, use a Gandalf Voice… or your favorite EPIC sounding voice). Question: Ok… this is going to sound geeky but hear me out. Quantum Physics says… that the way you LOOK at things literally changes them. #observereffect It’s entirely possible that we, the fans of the Los Angeles Fucking Super Chargers, have the POWER to lift our team to a Super Bowl Victory (immediately after Bosa Teabags Mahomes in the AFC Championship game). How the hell can we do that you ask? Combine a clear intention, with an elevated emotion and sustain that feeling your entire day (by not turning on douche bags Dan Orlovsky or Nick Wright!!) If you want to go deeper, check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work… he’s a fuckin’ wizard. But I digress. If we Charger Fans, before bed each night, drift off with the image of Justin Herbert, Derwin James, Teabag Bosa and Brandon Staley hosting the Lombardi Trophy… and feel the ECSTASY, the PASSION, the LOVE, the JOY, the GRATITUDE for our team finally kicking the hell out of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl… and we can maintain that feeling until February… we WILL create a gigantic electromagnetic signature that goes beyond space and time and bring that event TO US. That’s a big fuckin bite of a big fuckin apple pie. But it’s scientifically proven. How fucking awesome would that be?? K, love you bye! -Ramon

Ramon Osa

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