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Jul 06, 2022
In Ask Boltfam
Hey guys! Long time Charger fan (way back to 1978!!), fairly new listener to your pod! First, I have really enjoyed listening to you guys and your pod has been my daily listen on my work commute! All Charger, all the time! My question is this: when drafting your fantasy team, is anyone as crazy anti-rival as I am? I absolutely CANNOT draft any players from the following teams: Chiefs, Raiders, Patriots, and Broncos. It would make me physically ill to pull for a player on those teams! My fellow fantasy owners in my leagues think I'm crazy. I would rather make a monetary donation to the league by not winning than to have any of those guys on my team. Thanks for the thoughts! Fuck the Raiders! Fuck the Chiefs! Fuck the Patriots! Fuck the Broncos! Love ya, Bye


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