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Sep 28, 2022
In Ask Boltfam
This weeks loss, created chaos on social media. I got to ask everyone to calm the f!ck down. Here are my issues with the tremendous amount of horrible takes I’ve seen over the last 3 days. 1. A majority of fans want overnight success. Literally Bad mouthing Staley, players,and the coaching staff after one season for not making the playoffs, and now being 1-2 . 2 Most fans aren’t Taking into consideration, or are just naive to the lack of talent this organization had after 2018. This team was DOG SHIT, before staley took over. They saw the Flashes of greatness that Herbert had his first season, and expect him to be like Mahomes. The big difference between the two is mahomes was the final piece the chiefs needed to win a SB. While Herbert is the first piece the chargers started with. 2021 they focused on rebuilding the O line. 2022 they revamped the defense and special teams . This Team now has great number 1s. And I understand the excitement, but if they get hurt the chargers lack the depth to keep them SB Contenders. IF They stayed healthy they could make a run. But that’s never the case in a NFL season. every Team is going to lose someone. Which brings me to my last point. if injuries are un avoidable,. The chargers need 1-2 more years of depth added by the draft and FA to be SB contenders. Now, if Staley can’t make a run with 3 years of his system, talent and depth. then you have justified reasons to gripe. until then please….. STFU.


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